About Us

Hill Bookings is a booking agency based in The Netherlands. Our goal is to help the acts we believe in to achieve their goals. It all started with Dominic. His passion for the music business and his desire to be an entrepreneur already started when he was very young. We were always meant to do this. 

Since the start of Hill Bookings in 2019, the agency already welcomed several talents and invested in our brand. We are sure that 2020 will be even better.

The Hill Bookings team

My name is Dominic van den Heuvel. I started my carreer as the youngest booker of The Netherlands.

I turned my passion into my job. The past few years I spent much time on tour, but I decided to act more in the background as a booker. I planned many gigs the last few years in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. I also worked as a booker for many festivals.


Dominic van den Heuvel: Owner/Booker

Mendie: Booker/Social media 

Laura van den Heuvel: Finance and administration


Are you interested in working with our agency or do you have a festival that needs a great line up? Contact us on the contact page or send an  e-mail @ info@hillbookings.com