About Us

Who am I? My name is Dominic van den Heuvel, born in the beautiful city Nijmegen and currently living in the music city of Eurosonic Groningen. I started my carreer as the youngest booker of The Netherlands.

I'm 25 years old, a big music fan and turned my passion into my job. The past few years I spent much time on tour, but I decided to act more in the background as a booker and a manager. I planned many gigs the last few years in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. I also worked as a booker for many festivals.


Bands Dominic: James Burki, Gloo, Ivan Dorn, Alaska Pollock,Dr Justice & The Smooth Operators, Astronaut, Melrose, Starstruck, Warmland.

Bands Mendie: NMBRS, Chaos Club.

Bands Laura: James Walker, Lukas Batteau.

Hill Bookings Team:

Dominic van den Heuvel: Owner/Booker /Electric Jungle Booker.

Mendie:Booker/Social media/Electric Jungle Social Media. 

Laura van den Heuvel:Finance/Booker.


Do you think  you have a nice band?  And do you think that we can work together? Or do you have a festival that needs a great line up? Contact me on the contact page or send an  e-mail @ info@hillbookings.com