Cover Bands

Starstruck (NL)

The Hottest coverband of the moment

So you think you've seen everything? From the hottest party's on Ibiza till Siddeburen (NL)? 


Starstruck is the only  evening filling live act from The Netherlands.

A live act with a mission: Making the biggest party of the year!

Three musicians with a unique concept. Starstruck  is not only a band also a tape act and dj act. The evening filling act that you need to see.


A unique show with more than 100 songs, jokes and special effects.

Sold out clubs, sold out festivals, top sales at the bar and a  perfect crew to work with. The dream of every festival organisation.

Melrose (NL)

Ultimate Party With Melrose.


From weddings till the biggest festivals there's always a  party when Melrose is there. This band will not only entertain you with their music also the amazing laser shows, special effects and clothes will be a big part of the  show.


The band has 2 options for weddings and festivals:

Option 1: sound till 1500 people, special effects and 2 live sets of 60 minutes.

Option 2 : sound till 1500 people, special effects and 3 live sets of 50 minutes.