Lukas Batteau (NL)

Melancholy, melodic, unpolished and emphatic: some words to describe the music of the Dutch artist Lukas Batteau.

Since the release of his first EP, Lukas Batteau has performed
on many stages, like Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam, Ekko and Tivoli in his home town Utrecht (NL). He even briefly toured the US, playing at the famous New York club The Livingroom.
And he has opened for international artists like Tracy Bonham, Gomez and Megafaun.

Born to an American father and Dutch mother, and raised in South-Korea, his love for traveling runs deep. You will hear it in his soul feeding guitar songs, usually enriched by the well placed harmonies of longtime friend and producer Steve Savage, and the enthralling soundscapes of guitarist Niek Stronks. Dutch music magazine 3voor12 named him the Dutch
Ben Howard, but others also hear an Eddie Vedder from Into The Wild.
Last year he recorded his sophomore album Slow Traveler, together with Steve Savage in Nashville, Tennessee. Single ‘Telescope’ was picked up by Spotify on heavy rotation playlists, and has since gained well over 3M streams.

After releasing the album, he immediately continued writing and recording in a tiny village
called Dreischor, Zeeland, leading to a series of sea-inspired songs. Centered around the theme of human vulnerability and strength, the ocean plays an important role as a sleepinggiant backdrop. The first four songs were released in February as the Dreischor EP. The Dreischor full album release is scheduled for later this year.


Lukas Batteau will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.

Bookings: Booker Dominic 

James Walker (UK/DE)

Dreamy songs straight from his heart

Introspective songwriter James Walker was born in the UK, but has spent the past three years travelling across Europe and the United States honing his craft, performing as many shows as possible, and learning how to write about himself in the third person.

Initially a session musician, James played on extensive tours with Adam Barnes, by proxy befriending and supporting talents like Matt Simons, Chris Ayer, and Joseph & Maia.

James underwent a significant heart surgery that shaped his outlook and decision to become a writer of his own accord. He recognised, importantly, that life is short. This became a cornerstone in the stories that he tells within music.

His debut record, ‘English Bones’ (2017), gave James exposure to a global audience. The curation of teams such as Alexrainbird, granted millions of streams on YouTube, while international press via BBC, Huff. Post and Ear to the Ground, culminated in being handpicked by Spotify and Universal to appear on their ‘Easy’ and ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ playlists.

Walker performed at over 230 in Europe and the States in 2017/18 with Judy Blank, Matt Phillips, The Brazen Youth, Josephine Zwaan and Youri Lentjes.

He currently is tracking his 2nd album with Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Supergrass, Bring Me The Horizon) at Studio 91.. The first cuts of this record are due to appear towards the end of the year via AWAL (Lauv, Laura Marling, Bruno Major), after an extensive run of European shows this summer. Stay tuned.


James Walker will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Denmark,Sweden, Norway and the UK.