Dr Justice & The Smooth Operators (NL)

Let's join the funky disco party of The Docter.

Dr Justice’s music can be described as Comic
Pop. Music with a story (think: Gorillaz or David
Bowie). It’s a fresh mixture of electro-pop and
disco music with a sexy twist.
In the past year the band grew marvelously
with the publication of the third and fourth EP,
two radio interviews, and a show on the main
stage of the Dutch pop-temple: Paradiso.
Dr Justice has released 4 EP’s as of this summer (2019). He plays his music live
with his band, The Smooth Operators, which exist of; a drummer, a bass
player, a guitar player and 4 singers. With their stunning outfits and energetic
dance-moves they can turn any venue into a massive party.


Dr Justice & The Smooth Operators  will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Denmark,Sweden, Norway and the UK.

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Gloo (UK)

Gloo is a punk/rock band from the city Littlehampton next to Brighton.

Last year they released there first Album and shared the stage with Fatherson, and Twin Atlantic and played many  shows.


"sub-three minute slice of infectious noise punk made to be played at window-rattling, piss-off-the-neighbours volume" - Upset
"GLOO are one of the hottest prospects in the scene right now. The three-piece hailing from Littlehampton seem to have arrived with a bang, bringing with them huge tunes fuelled by angst and a frustration with the everyday mundanity of where they have come from." - Wave Byte


BBC Music sound of the South 2018.




Gloo  will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.

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Ivan Dorn (UA)

Ivan Dorn: Its difficult to imagine the post-soviet pop scene without the controversial story of Ivan Dorn.

In 2011 the tall blond Ukrainian became an overnight sensation with his debut album ‘Co’n’Dorn’. His unique blend of 90s house, pop, nu-disco, funk and free jazz, came as a breath of fresh air to the suffocated Eastern Europe pop scene. The well-crafted compilation of catchy pop tunes brought the 23 year old into the spotlight. His fashion-forward style, controversial public appearances, fancy footwork and contagious personality caught on like wild fire. Within months Ivan Dorn and his band filled sports arenas around the country and he quickly earned a spot as a judge on The Voice Ukraine.

In 2014, just when it seemed like Ivan would follow the footsteps of most modern pop stars with radio-friendly hits and overproduced music videos, he dropped, “Randorn”, an album that would redefine him as an artist and bridge the gap between the underground and the mainstream. The masterpiece featured an odd selection of unique tracks sounding anywhere from Aphex Twins to Kavinski passing through Pharrell Williams. Although it was initially received with mixed feelings, the record quickly topped the charts and had audiences dancing from the VIP areas of the high society to the basements of the underground.

In 2016, Ivan started Masterskaya, an independent music label focused on bringing the exciting sound of Ukrainian underground to the main stage. Out of the blue, the 28 year old artist moved to Los Angeles to start recording his first English-language album, and quickly found himself inspired by the ocean breeze and palm trees. His US debut album is now on its way, and with feature a tight selection of tracks that, like Ivan, don’t follow the rules.

If there is one thing we’ve learned about Ivan over the years, is that if you think you have him all figured out, you are probably already one step behind.

Ivan Dorn  will be available   for The Netherlands,Belgium, France and the UK.

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Warmland (IS)

 WARMLAND is a new Icelandic duo from Reykjavík, consisting of Arnar Guðjónsson and Hrafn Thoroddsen, two Icelandic musicians who met while touring across China in the same band. With a ton of extra-dimensional psych-pop songs, their debut album ‘Unison Love’ is a 12 track manifesto, a finely balanced showcase for a partnership that runs deeper than most.

Rooted in pop but deeply exploratory, ‘Unison Love’ is an inspired listen. ‘Gimme Gimme’ veers into outlandish prog territory, with its wild guitar lines and incredible programming; ‘Twincam’ is a tech-inspired digital odyssey, while the title track – and opening number - ‘Unison Love’ is an impossibly pretty psych-pop song. Infectious, extra-dimensional psych-pop gems, all lysergic guitar lines, synthetic digital excursions and addictive melodies.

But there’s an extra dimension, too. WARMLAND made their live debut with a rapturously received show at Iceland Airwaves, displaying the visual depth to their concert experience – on its release, each song on the album will be paired with a specially crafted video, vastly expanding on their sonic creativity.

WARMLANDS music is cinematic, has a visual side to it. It all plays together. It’s all done in-house. videos, music, and programming lights, Warmland has full control.With their impeccable pop songwriting and their daring experimental excursions WARMLAND channel sheer Icelandic cool on a debut album that both encapsulates and drives their friendship forwards.

Unison Love - Debut LP - Out 06.21.19

Warmland  will be available for The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, The UK, Denmark, Sweden,Norway. 

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Astronaut (DK)

Astronaut the Danish power band

Astronaut is formed at The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark, as lead
singer and otherworldly charismatic frontman Martin Zeppelin united old and
new friends in an original setup. The sound quickly turned into a vintage late
70’s sound with a modern, spacious animalistic overlay. Fueled by the vision
of playing the big stages with songs like the bands old heroes from the past.
For the past four years the band has mostly stayed behind closed doors, only
given a few public concerts, and spent 2 years in studios around the world,
with the vision of a debut album from the heart.With crazy, atmospheric five star reviewed live show performances at Spot
Festival, Smukfest and Aros Kunstmuseum, Astronaut has through their few
concerts built a reputation for delivering extravagant and uplifting
experiences that brings the audience back to the 70's and 80's.

The band started in 2017 an ongoing recording process in New York with the
American producer Claudius Mittendorfer, who has worked with artists such
as Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, Muse and Arctic Monkeys -

Debut album, ”Silence One”, has been released in april 2019.

Astronaut  will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark,Sweden, Norway and the UK.

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James Burki (NL)

The New sound of the Hague will let you dance

Hailing from The Hague, The Netherlands, James Burki is a 23-year-old producer-songwriter who combines a modern pop sensibility, 80's synthesizers and a traditional rock outfit to produce upbeat and catchy yet authentic indie-rock songs, reminiscent of bands like The 1975, The Night Game and The Band Camino.

James is supported by his live band. It consists of three fun and talented individuals: Wessel Hissink, Jurre Kleiberg and Philip Christopher; who all met growing up in the same music scene.

In 2017 James released his debut single "Brother, We're Here To Dance". The song got heartwarming praise from the Dutch scene. The newly found project played at nearly 20 live shows throughout The Netherlands and performed at acclaimed Dutch festivals such as Parkpop and The Life I Live. From 2018 and onwards James was focused on producing and writing songs for the upcoming EP " d r e a m i n g ".

The lead single of the new EP - "High With Me", accompanied by the music video produced by Tomas Naessens and directed by Jasmijn Korber, releases on May 28th.


James Burki  will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark,Sweden, Norway and the UK.

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 NMBRS alternative indie pop.

NMBRS originates as a restart of Julian Said Fire. Eimert Komen (drummer), Sjoerd Knijnenburg (guitarist), Benedikt Evers (bassist) and Thomas Russel (singerspent a lot of time searching for the missing link. In 2017 Bart Kuntz(keyboard playerjoins the band. With his 80's sound and virtuous playing he adds an important ingredient to theNMBRS sound 


In 2018 NMBRS worked hard with Jasper Zuidervaart (known from Chef'Special) on their eponymous debut EP. Theresultan EP with five balanced and irresistibly energetic songs that don't leave anyone untouchedOne of the EP'ssongs "Icarus" has even been nominated for an award in The Netherlands: "Haagse song van het jaar 2018". 

NMBRS will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.
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Alaska Pollock' Electro pop that will make you dance.

ALASKA POLLOCK, the second self of Amsterdam-based singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Jelte de Vries, combines synthesizers, electric guitar, drum machines and lush vocals to create strong, atmospheric electro-pop. Inspired by Flume's future bass-sounds, Jack Garratt's songwriting and John Mayer's blues, ALASKA POLLOCK paints his own intriguing sonic landscape.


After hearing some old blues record, then 5-year-old Jelte insisted on becoming a musician himself and started playing the guitar. During his music study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Jelte joined several bands and eventually started playing with Lucas Hamming. At the same time he supported DJs such as Cleavage. While established in both EDM- and pop/rock-worlds and playing festivals varying from Pinkpop (pop/rock) to Mysteryland (EDM), Jelte felt a strong urge to write and produce songs that fill the gap between electronic music and contemporary pop. At the same time he wanted to expand his musical experience with more than sound only: ALASKA POLLOCK was born!


Late 2016 the single 'Where Do We Go', featured on the online platform IndieXL, was released, followed by 'Read Between The Lines' in 2017. The acclaimed animation video for 'Read Between The Lines', co-created by ALASKA POLLOCK, has won several music video awards around the globe. Subsequently ALASKA POLLOCK started touring the Netherlands in 2017 with Dutch touring showcase festival Popronde and playing venues such as Sugarfactory and Melkweg. ALASKA POLLOCK presented new songs of the upcoming EP on Amsterdam showcase festival Uitmarkt 2018.


Live, Jelte is accompanied by the electrifying beats, bells and whistles of Frank Hopman and the gnarly, yet groovy bass lines of Tommy Veenstra. The live-set alternates between modern pop, intriguing soundscapes and energetic guitar-improvisation. Paired with the self designed stage lighting, ALASKA POLLOCK plays a mind-blowing live-set you have to see and hear to believe.


'So Bad' is the latest single and will be featured on the upcoming EP.



Alaska Pollock  will be available for The Netherlands,Belgium, Germany, France and the UK.

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Chaos Club (NL)

Blow up your speakers with Chaos Club

Chaos Club is a live electronic performance trio founded by Chuck Burgess,Dani Rogosic and Collin Kuster. Colliding a wide variety of genres, instruments and sounds, the Chaos Club concept sets out to bring the studio to the stage in a major way.

With Chuck (keys/vocals)  Collin (drums) and Dani (guitar) fusing elements from all over the musical spectrum (Drum n Bass, Dance, ElectroPop, Rock and more) with a beat-oriented performance, the foundation is made for an impressive live show. Chaos Club aims to capture the club feel in an energetic live-performance with an eclectic blend of electronic and acoustic sounds.

Choas Club played already in The Melkweg (Amsterdam) and many festivals.

Now they are ready for more.


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Chaos Club  will be available for Europe. 

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